Why do I need a retreat?

Retreats enable us to step out of our busy daily lives and the load of daily expectations in order to reconnect with ourselves and realign towards the intentions that are most important to us. 

Well-designed, they can do wonders for our energy level and usher us back into the pressures of daily life feeling rejuvenated, rested, and inspired. 

How do yoga and writing fit together?  

Many of us want to write but we’re too busy or too anxious about “getting it right.” Yoga allows us to slow down while also calming the nervous system so we can face an act which can seem scary: facing the blank page. Once our creative anxiety is soothed, we can more easily go to the page and let the words emerge. 

Since we are both grounded in our respective practices, we are able to offer generous guidance and support to help you follow this path! We are proud of the safe, supportive, and nourishing environment that we create in order to help you settle into the work of growing quiet and looking inward, without judgement or heavy expectations, with patience and care, and even a good laugh every now and then (SO important!) 

What level is the writing instruction? 

Our retreats are open to all: casual journallers, beginning writers, regularly practicing writers, and those who are simply curious about putting their stories down on paper.

Whether you are:

  • answering a burning desire to write
  • pursuing an ongoing passion for personal essays 
  • working on an ambitious novel
  • really, really like writing epic Facebook posts about your weekend adventures – you are welcome to explore your stories with us! 

As Pat Schneider says, “Everyone is born with creative genius. Writing as an art form belongs to all people, regardless of economic class or educational level. A writer is someone who writes.” 

The writing exercises we do are designed to help you connect with your own stories, engage with creative flow, get to know your writing self, and, simply put, help you express yourself. Oh, and we’ll have some fun! 

(But prompts are always suggestions; if you’ve come with a project, please feel free to focus on that!) 

On our multi-day retreats, there is also plenty of time at meals and around the fire for casual conversation about writing and the writing life or issues around craft and technique (and books, too: let’s talk books!)

(If you are looking for more intensive writing workshops focused on craft, Lauren also offers master classes and workshops on writing craft. Visit her website.

What level is the yoga instruction? 

Kerry has a warm and generous teaching style that’s open to everybody and every BODY.

She leads flow, restorative, and other yoga sessions with plenty of suggested adjustments to help you connect with your body no matter where you’re at with your flexibility. Her main focus is to encourage you to practice yoga in the way that works the best for you and your physical self.

(If you are looking for workshops focused solely on yoga, Kerry also offers a variety classes (including super snuggly cozy yoga). Follow her at stopdropdoyoga on Instagram.) 

I am really nervous about being in a group, especially sharing what I write. 

Loads of writers and creative folk are introverts (both Lauren and Kerry self-describe themselves as extroverted-introverts or introverted-extroverts, depending on the day). 

Our main focus is to help you have the most nourishing experience you can. In doing this, we encourage you to answer your needs – if that means staying in silence for the day, that’s respected and totally fine!  

Sometimes you may be invited to read what you wrote. This is because reading our words out loud can affirm our voices, make space for our stories, and help us learn that sharing our work can help us own our writing and get closer to being the writers we want to be! Having said that, when we do share the work, all of our writing is treated as fiction (this is so that we can feel free to write whatever we want, within a safe space). And, of course, if you don’t want to read, simply say pass. 

But if you choose to read, be assured that because this writing experience is meant to help each of us connect more deeply with our writing, there won’t be any critiquing of this brand new writing, just respectful listening. 

What if I’m late? 

Believe us: we get it! Life happens. And it’s WAY better to show up late than not at all! 

The door might be closed, but come on in; you’ll find us either scribbling or stretching. Enter quietly, take your seat, and join us. 

Or check in, get settled in your room, and catch up with us at the next scheduled meal or session.

Do I have to attend every session at the retreat? 

Our weekend retreats take place in beautiful, restful, and nourishing locations. As such, we invite you to take part in as much or as little as the programming as you like. You can take in everything, solely  attend the writing sessions, or spend the weekend focussed on yoga. You are free to design a retreat that caters specifically to your current needs. 

What do I need to bring? 

If you have your own yoga equipment (mat, bolster, and blocks, bring those, but we also have equipment for retreat use (we’ll ask on the registration form if you need any loaners). 

Bring a notebook or journal (these are preferred over computers because using our hands to write gives a physicality which can help us connect more deeply to the flow of our words). But on a longer retreat, feel free to bring whatever you need to immerse into work on your project. 

Bring a water bottle, cozy blanket, and wear clothes that are comfortable. Any other necessities will be outlined in emails sent to registrants before our events. 

And finally: your creative, brave, amazing self! 

How do I let you know about food sensitivities or other dietary needs? 

Once you register for a workshop or retreat, we will send you a welcome email and registration form asking some questions and inviting you to let us know about any concerns that need to be addressed so that you can have the best possible experience at our retreat.

Do you offer workshops in just writing or just yoga? 

Yes! Both of us teach sessions dedicated solely to yoga and writing as well! Follow Kerry at stopdropyoga and visit Lauren at for more. 

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