Settle your body. Unlock your stories.


April 24 ~ 26, 2020

Sandy-Saulteaux Spiritual Centre
on the shore of the Brokenhead River
Beausejour, Manitoba
a one-hour drive from Winnipeg​
Writing & Yoga Sessions
Riverside Acres
New Friends
Visible Stars
Nourished Heart

Early Bird Rate Expires March 20th!

Woman with hands in reverse prayer position, behind her back

Find Your Form

Indulge in a mix of restorative, flow, and yin yoga, along with walking meditation sessions, guided intention setting, and breath-work led with love by Kerry Holmes, certified yoga instructor. Through yoga, calm your nervous system to more deeply engage with your creative flow. Find out more about Kerry on Instagram: @stopdropdoyoga

Hands writing in a notebook within a green and sunlit landscape

Explore Your Stories

With creative anxiety eased through yoga, dive into your unique stories and nourish your practice while writing both in silence and with expert guided instructions from Lauren Carter, writing mentor and coach, and the author of four published books. Find out more about Lauren at

woman opening her arms to the sun

Get a fresh perspective

Why retreat? To re-orient your perspective and goals, get grounded, and go home feeling renewed, inspired, and nourished. But don't just take it from us...

"Lauren and Kerry created such a warm and caring environment. I felt more connected with myself than I have for a very long time. I would recommend this retreat for all women wanting to explore themselves, connect with themselves, and give themselves LOVE." - Avery Eramchuk

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Our Itinerary

Session Descriptions

Empower Your Voice Writing Workshop: Everyone has a unique voice. The question is not how to find it but how to support it,  strengthen it, listen to it, let it out. In this session, we’ll talk and write about our own essential voices, appreciate their power and source, and practice connecting deeply with our own special sound. 

Yoga Breath Work for Writers:  Combining her broadcasting degree with her yoga training, Kerry will guide you into connection with your breath and your vocals in this session. Gain a deeper link with your essential self as well as guidance for hitting our open stage with confidence. (Check out Kerry’s voice-over work on this video: yep, that’s her!).  

Writing with Intention Workshop: Free writing and prompts can help us harness and polish our practice, but what do you do after you’ve filled a hundred notebooks? In this session, we will explore the journey of commitment and completion in order to choose a writing project, work with intention, and follow a charted course through chaos to clarity. 

Sunrise Silence Walk Into Writing: Liminal times (times ‘in between’) can conjure powerful thoughts and ideas. We’ll meet at the teepee, walk by the river, then return to the meeting room and go straight into our writing (the coffee and kettle will be on). (Note: this session will be done entirely in silence). 

Please note: we reserve the right to alter the itinerary as necessary. 

Save your spot

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” ― Maya Angelou

Early Bird Rate

Get $50 off ~ Book by March 20!
$ 429
  • Pricing Includes
  • Two nights accommodation in a single room with desk
  • All meals and snacks (dietary restrictions respected)
  • Yoga and writing instruction and sessions
  • Riverside trails and nighttime fires
  • Some special gifts and treats

Regular Rate

After March 20!
$ 479
  • Pricing Includes
  • Two nights accommodation in a single room with desk
  • All meals and snacks (dietary restrictions respected)
  • Yoga and writing instruction and sessions
  • Riverside trails and nighttime fires
  • Some special gifts and treats

About the Sandy-Saulteaux Spiritual Centre​

Located on 36 acres of woodland on the Brokenhead River near Beausejour, Manitoba, the Sandy-Salteaux Spiritual Centre provides a peaceful retreat in nature less than an hour’s drive north-east of Winnipeg. Created for quiet reflection, intentional gatherings, spiritual training, and Indigenous cultural ceremonies and learning, the Centre offers rich opportunities for connecting with nature, oneself, and one’s larger community. Please note: the centre is strictly drug and alcohol free. 

Breathe Deep and Write with us...

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